Ramasis Energy is one of the largest manufacturers of Portable mobile lighting towers worldwide. We provide flexible lighting and power solutions that go where you need them, Mobile Light Towers have been designed in a way that makes them durable as well as energy efficient, we also offer our customers the ability to customize the lighting tower to best suit their requirements. They are used around the world. It’s all products under the brand name of “Ramasis”, Turnkey customized solutions and system integration are our strengths, which are justified on the ground of technological “Expertise Worldwide”.

  • In House Customization and Designing
  • Quick installation and Commissioning
  • Operation and Management
  • Excellent Compatibility
  • Excellent Adaptability
  • Great Flexibility
  • Long -Term Durability
  • Customized

The application is used for Coal Mining, Open Mining, Military Operations, Ports and shipyards, Oil and Gas Sites, Infrastructure / Roadwork, Base Camps, Outdoor Events Commercial Construction, etc.

We have designed five types of Telescopic Mobile Tower systems:

  • Portable Telescopic AC Genset Mobile Tower Light.
  • Portable Telescopic Solar Mobile Tower Light.
  • Portable Telescopic LNG (CNG) Mobile Tower Light
  • Vehicle Mounting Mobile Tower Light
  • ALERT Mast Surveillance Camera System