We have a top-rated factory for conveyor roller manufacturing that is well equipped with all the machines and equipment for making a customized right on-demand roller for you. You can choose from all types of rollers for conveyors that can be used in different applications and load capacity requirements for Coal Mining, Open Mining, Power Plants, Defense, Ports and Shipyards, Oilfield- Gas, Petroleum, Food Distribution, and Logistics, etc.

Coal Handling and Power Plant Systems: Our Coal Handling and Power Plant equipment and components of Conveyor Rollers, Flat Belt Conveyors, Belt conveyors, Conveyor Rollers, and Pulleys.

EPC Solution of Coal Handling and Power Plant: Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of Coal Handling and Power Plants.

O&M Services of Coal and Power Plants: Operations and Maintenance Services for Coal Handling Plants and Power Plants.

Advantages of Coal Conveyor System:

  • Using our coal conveying systems is a cost-effective way to transfer coal for medium and large-capacity power plants.
  • For users, we can provide an easy way to vary speeds for specific needs and applications.
  • The repair and maintenance are very minimal.
  • It is to remain flexible in different types of weather by easily installing overhead covers.
  • The power consumption to carry coal is minimal compared with other conveyors.
  • Rollers are designed for smooth rotation, low noise, and long service life.
  • Waterproof and dustproof.
  • Each roller comes out through strict inspection and testing to ensure high-level quality.
  • Roller Surface Colour: Any color as per customer request.