About us

Ramasis Energy is the next-generation company, that believes in working with the latest advent of technological factors, which is established as a Manufacturer and Turnkey Solutions of Energy Products and Services, it’s all products under the brand name “Ramasis”, our presence in Domestic as well as International Markets, we are committed to its quality, safety policies and customer satisfied, The company has developed an internationally accredited expertise in engineering, the technology of procurement, project management, construction and commissioning with a strong command over asset management under one roof.

We have a dedicated team of professionals with experience of more time in the field of designing commissioning Solar Power Plants and providing technical solutions for power generation systems, who are justified on the ground of technological “Expertise Worldwide”.

Our vision
Our vision is to be a leading world-class manufacturer, Exporter with project development and annual maintenance services, and providing the range of latest & high-quality solar power systems and Coal Handling Plants to become a global company that leads in the use of reliable solar power and contributes to the protection of the environment for future generations.
Our Mission

Our aim is to accelerate the adoption of solar technology and Coal handling plants across the world to conserve our environment and provide an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and conflict-free power supply that is cost-effective, affordable, and quickly scalable. Our success will be measured by our consumers and our above mission will help us to achieve it.

Why Us
We are providing premium brands and services with an experienced installation team. In-home power consumption design & Infrastructure & Technical Expertise. One point contract Responsibility. With significant collaboration, technical know-how support makes us the most preferred power solution provider to our customers.