Ramasis Energy continues to develop advanced technology for access to green and renewable energy such as solar energy is quickly gaining popularity. This is because green energy is more reliable and cleaner than most of the other power sources available. This makes it environment-friendly and capable of saving you money. Typically, a solar generator converts sun energy captured by solar panels into electrical power and then stores it in a battery. The stored power can later be used through an inverter. we are specially designed solar Power Generator light for the Oilfield- Gas and Petroleum, Environmental, Inland Marine Service industries, Mining, Military Camps, etc.


Key Future of Off –Grid Solar Generator:

· Available from 2 KVA to 10 KVA.

· It helps in saving Energy and Generate 15-20% higher energy.

· There is no Fuel Cost as it uses available free sun light.

· No electricity required and can be operated lifelong.

· Reduce the pollution level by spraying water mist into the environment using solar energy.

· Easy to operate and lower maintenance cost.

· Eco Friendly.

· All the system configurations are worked out by scientific calculation and design.