1. Customer Specification

Customers send us the product design and parts drawings which need to be processed and produced. The drawings can be sent or mailed through the network.

2. Reasonable Quotation

Our business department confirms the specifications and materials of raw materials used in the products according to the drawings issued by customers, and sends reasonable quotations to customers.

3. Contract Signing

Customer agrees with our quotation and can sign the goods supply contract online or offline.

4. Purchasing and Inspection of Raw Materials

On the second day after the contract was signed, the purchasing department purchased raw materials, and the quality inspection department carried out quality tensile tests on the purchased raw materials.

5. Design Work of Technical Department

TMA three-dimensional lofting software system was used for lofting.

6. Manufacturing Industry

After confirmation by both parties, we can arrange production the next day and deliver the goods within the time stipulated in the contract.

7. Finished Product Processing

We will handle the product properly before shipment.

8. Product Packaging

The products are packed, packed in containers or packaged and delivered according to customer’s needs.

9. After-Sale Service

This enterprise implements “three guarantees” of product quality, and is responsible for the quality of products provided for life. Equipped with professional after-sales service team, if customers need, enterprises can send personnel to the scene for product installation, commissioning and personnel training services.