We are specialized in manufacturing AMF Control Panel, otor Control Centers, Power Control Panels  and Power and Lighting Distribution Boards Control panels which are used for supplying power to Diesel Generator, electrical motors and various other industrial equipments, Our high quality & comprehensive Electrical Control Panels are rather prominent and popular, and are extensively used for supplying power to electrical motors and various other industrial equipments.

Our range of AMF panel includes automatic changeover with current limit, battery charger, power inverters, automatic changeover and sine wave inverters 

AMF Panel & Battery Chargers are used where the generators are installed between main AC and load. It will start and Stop the Generator automatically and Changeover the EB/Generator line Models & Amps/ Kva Rates: 15Kva, 25Kva, 40Kva, 60Kva, 80Kva, 100Kva, up to 600Kva and more

 Key Features AMF Control Panel: 

 1. Provides continuous monitoring of three-phase.
 2. Voltage/current/frequency of mains & DG.
 3. As well as battery voltage of DG.
 4. Available in different models.
 5. Automatic shutdown during DG fault.
 6. Fault indication via LED/LCD.
 7. Configurable solid state output.
 8. Auto/Manual Selector is available.
 9. Auto delay in start of genset.
 10.Genset stop with delay of 3 minutes.
 11.Hooter-alarm annunciation for fail to start.
 12.Checklist to find the fault and to correct.
 13.4st switch control for healthy start and stop of genset.
 14.Manual Start & Stop Switch.
 15.Emergency Stop switch is available.

 16.Auto LLOP (Low Lube Oil Pressure) and (High Water Temperature) protections are available.

17.Cost of 2nos of 4st/Qst switches and 12V heavy-duty stop solenoid are added.
18.All comes in a 14 /16 Swg panel with door.